Mixtape: Sarah Deshita

Sarah Deshita memiliki banyak hal yang bisa membuat kamu iri, salah satunya adalah jabatan Music Director di salah satu stasiun radio terkenal saat ia masih berumur 23 tahun. Bermula dari menjadi penyiar, nama Sarah memang identik dengan dunia radio, terutama di Oz Radio Jakarta tempatnya bekerja. Setelah 3 tahun menjabat sebagai Creative, ia ditawarkan posisi Music Director karena kepekaannya atas musik yang akan menjadi hits. Tapi menjadi Music Director secara profesional tentu saja memiliki tanggung jawab besar dibanding membuat playlist harian untuk diri sendiri, you must compromise with the commercial taste, termasuk memainkan musik yang sebenarnya tidak kamu suka. “There’s no such thing as shitty music now. All is good, hanya tergantung selera masing-masing saja,” ungkap cewek yang menyebut album Hail to the Thief dari Radiohead sebagai album favoritnya ini. “So yeah, I work until 3 a.m. in the morning, I have 40.000 songs in my library. And I LOVE EVERY SINGLE OF THEM. I love my job. And wouldn’t want to work anywhere else that’s not related to music.” Tambahnya. Selain weekday job sebagai announcer dan Music Director, hari-harinya juga diisi dengan menjadi MC di berbagai event, memanajeri band METRO, menjadi ambassador salah satu merek laptop, menyiapkan sebuah buku, dan berkutat dengan akun Twitter miliknya (@SarahDeshita) yang saat artikel ini ditulis follower-nya sudah mencapai angka 58.147 orang, jumlah yang cukup fantastis dan membuktikan dirinya sebagai salah satu radio personality paling terkenal saat ini. “I actually don’t really care how many followers I have. I actually put my Facebook on private so nobody can add me. But with Twitter, I also follow many people too. Sometimes, I get inspired by them. And I never really think why people follow me -and actually still ask for a follow-back. Prolly, because I tweet what they’ve always wanted to tweet. Hey. I read minds. Haha.

Lykke Li

“Sadness Is A Blessing”

Gotta live up my motto: “Art never comes from happiness.” Yea, those of you who are actually addicted to pain might love this track. Cherish the pain. There’s no such thing as irreplaceable.

Snow Patrol

“You Could Be Happy”

One of my favorite Gary tracks. “You could be happy, and I won’t know” gets me every time. You jump, I jump. You’re happy, and so will I. Happiness is contagious, in a way.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

“Happiness Loves Company”

Sorry Frusciante fans, but I gotta thank God for Josh Klinghoffer. Happiness Loves Company, and apparently it’s Klinghoffer.


“Major Minus”

Always been a huge Coldplay fan. And this track right here, is one of the many reasons why I put “Shake hands with Chris Martin, again” in my bucket list. Well done. Fans of Kasabian, you’ll love it.



Nothing personal. They’re more than just pretty faces on your screen, or on stage. They rock it out real good. Makes you wanna shout, “Play that funky music, white boy!” Wait. That sounded wrong. “Play that funky TIGHT music, boys!” Funk the hell outta me.


“On Melancholy Hill”

This is it. My exit music. If –one day, knock on woods, I have to… Ummm. Okay. This is hard. If. I. Have. To. Leave. The. Earth. Be alien somewhere. Maybe live someplace else much more beautiful than here. This just have to be my exit song. My credit-title-song. Yes. I’m outta here. Play me this song. And put it on repeat. It’s all worth it. Beautiful.



How could I not put this song on the list? One of the most beautiful songs in the history of music. Of course, after Radiohead’s True Love Waits. Simply mind-blowing.

Foo Fighters


This gotta be the SEXIEST song like… EVER! “Breathe out, so I can breathe you in”?! PLEASE DO!



“YOU MADE ME FEEL LIKE THE ONE.” Hands down, Kelly Jones is simply the best vocalist in the planet. Yes. HE’S THE ONE. Not just a feeling. He really is.

Lenny Kravitz

“Rock Star City Life”

Dude, this song has ATTITUDE. Gives me the shiver, EVERY-SINGLE-TIME!

As published in NYLON Indonesia November 2011

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