On The Records: Sunik Kim (Beat Culture)

Hi Sunik, how are you? What you’re doing before reply my email?
Great, just about to go to my last day of class at high school.
When do you start making music?
February of last year.
What’s the story behind your moniker?
Not much to it really, I wanted to think of a name so I sat in a room with a friend and brainstormed for a while, went on chillwave name generators and all of that. Eventually settled on “Beat Connection” until I realized there was a really good band by that name already.
Which musicians and albums are you most inspired by?
Definitely SBTRKT and Gold Panda, as well as James Blake and Balam Acab. Hudson Mohawke is also by far one of my favorite producers, I don’t really produce in his style but I’m still really inspired by him. Top two albums I’m inspired by are SBTRKT and Lucky Shiner.
Do your school friends know you’re making music?
Yeah a lot of kids at my high school know about my music which is cool.
What are you listening to right now?
Rustie’s Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 – insanity.
Do you mind if people labeling your music with terms like glitch pop, post-dub, etc? How would
you describe your own music?
I tend to ignore labels on my music. A lot of people call my music ‘chillwave’ which I think is really false, my music is nothing like that, but again I disregard genre statements like that, I just make whatever I feel like at the moment.
If you could write soundtrack for any movie, which would you choose?
Lost in Translation.
What you like to do in the future?
Pursue music as far as possible without becoming a starving artist.

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