Art Talk: Christina Lu

Hi Christina, how are you? Please tell me about yourself 

I’m great, thanks for asking! I am a designer and an aspiring animator from New York. I have a year left of college. I’m going to graduate!

How do you start making art? When the first time you realize you good at it?

I always start with a rough pencil sketch, and then constantly refine it — even after it’s published. I don’t think I’m good at art, but I want to make good art. I usually don’t feel satisfied with anything I do because I know there’s always room for improvement.

What things inspire you as an artist?

Most of my inspiration draws from Disney and vintage cartoons from the 1920s to the late 70s. Other artists include Ub Iwerks, Mary Blair, Heinrich Kley and David OReilly. Dan Savage’s animation ( motivates me to do more motion work. And of course, my sister (http://Jen.Lu) has been my biggest inspiration since I was young.


How you define your style?

Minimal, but whimsical with perfect outlines.

How did the collaboration with Azealia Banks come about?

Azealia and I were friends since in high school; hanging out after class, by the lockers or her favorite place, Wendy’s. We talked about how it will be fun to do some Photoshop stuff for her early MySpace music page. I was learning all those programs at the time so I thought it’ll be cool. Then I designed my first music cover art, L8R.

How’s the creative process? Do you listen to her songs while making the artwork?

Azealia’s awesome at giving me directions even at the last minute. Sometimes I use Photo Booth to pose for reference especially with her mermaids. Also we like the same cutesy things so we understand each other. I keep my music on shuffle most of the time, but I play, “Gimme A Chance” when I work on her illustrations.

Have you make any music related illustration before this?

Before Azealia, nope! It’s a whole new experience… and still is!

If you got a chance to making artwork for any musician/band, who would it be?

Ringo Starr! I never realized he such an eccentric artist. Thanks to Peter Berkman of Anamanaguchi ( for introducing me. It would be so exciting to collaborate with Ringo and let his mouse guide us. I dedicated a Tumblr blog and GIF-ed his art: — Yes, they are his art.

What’s your dream job?

To continue being a designer/animator at an awesome agency that produces 2D/3D animations for commercial, interactive, or children’s education.

What do you do in the free time?

Saving the world.

Next project?

I’m trying to write a children’s book but I’m having more than drawing the characters than actually writing the story.  I also have a list of personal projects lined-up. Hope I get to finish them before summer ends!

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