On The Records: Stephen Fasano (The Magician)

Hi Stephen, how are you doing? What are you doing before answering this email?

Hi, very good! I’m on a train to Reims (France). I’m going to Yuksek’s studio to make new Peter (aka Yuksek) & The Magician tracks.

How do you come up with The Magician as your alias?

I was looking for a new alias and my gilfriend came up with The Magician. We made the character live, with a fancy costume, a wand, magic tapes, video teasers, etc.. Since very young, I always liked playing a character, wearing an outfit or simply being different.

Tell me about your childhood, where do you grew up and what kind of music you listening back then?

I’m half Italian, half Belgian. I grew up in the south of Belgium called “Wallonia”. It is quite a poor region with a high % of unemployed people. Very young my dad listened to Supertramp, Queen, Alan Parsons, Michael Jackson, Abba,.. So In general, I would say my childhood was bathed into the 70’s/80’s pop and disco. In the late 80’s I’ve received 2 turntables, a mixer and a record collection full of rare Disco and Italo Disco record from my uncle who stopped his DJ career. I felt in love to mix two records together.

Do you always know that you want to make dance music?

As DJ, I always want to make people dance. But with years, I feel more and more into pop music and especially as producer. I try to inject pop/vocals into dance music.

What are you working on now?

On a second single for The Magician, a second EP for Peter & The Magician, on a special new collaboration with a very talented artist, on a new remix and a visual for the shows. I’m also touring a lot all over the world.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

Owner of a wine-bar or taxidriver in New York City.

What’s on your iPod playlist right now?

The Weeknd, SBTRKT, Sebastien Tellier’s new album, New Order from A to Z, Lana Del Rey’s album, M83,..

I’ve been listening your remix for Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers”  for quite some time and really love it. Any particular aspect you looking for in some songs that trigger you to remix it? Do you have any names/bands whose songs you would like to remix?

I would have loved remix Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games”. It didn’t happen because of my busy schedule. To remix someone else, the principal aspect are the vocals. I’m actually just keeping them when I remix and then build a new track (my own version) around. So it’s more a personal version than a remix.

What can we expect from your live performance?

You can expect a bearded guy dressed up in a fancy costume beige with a wand in the pocket, playing electronic disco/dance music to make people dance and happy.

This is last and just random: Who’s your fave magician and why?

My favorite Magician is Merlin The Enchanter. He has a great hat and I love his owl friend temperamental and completely insane. Merlin The Enchanter made the most of its magic in music, it makes keeping up with his magic stick. As he moved on and that he is back in a small bag all the furniture and objects in his apartment.

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