Art Talk: The Cosmic Iconoclasm of Fab Ciraolo

Ever wonder the alternate reality where Picasso was born in modern era and became a provocative graffiti artist (while wearing The Black Keys tee) or Marlene Dietrich as a sex symbol (with Arcade Fire tattooed near her breast) instead of Madonna? Well, that’s what happens in cosmic vision of Fabian Ciraolo, a young artist from Santiago, Chile. Bringing the cultural (and even religious) icons to hipster culture is just a little part of awesome portfolio that he’s done as an illustrator, while also being a drummer for a 4-piece indie rock Oh Margot. Superb.

Hi Fabian, how are you? Would you mind to tell us about yourself and what are you doing right now?

Hey! All good here, about myself… I am an illustrator from Santiago Chile, and these days I am working on my upcoming exhibitions in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, France… and other countries.

Since when you start making art?

Since I have memory, all my life I was drawing, so.. it is hard to say when all of this start.. I just now for sure it won’t stop.

 It seems like you’re kinda into pop culture, judging from how you incorporate the historical figure with pop icon and bands like CSS, Cut Copy, etc. What prompt you to do that? And how the usual creative process behind your works?

I don’t know if I am into pop culture or not, honestly I don’t even get what pop culture really is, and I really not interested to be part of something. I just make what I want to… the music and bands that you see in my drawings is just because I can’t draw without music… My usual creative process is a mess, I just put in the paper these ideas that came to me.. is not always the same.. sometimes the idea is around my head for days and I need to find the perfect day to draw it and have fun doing it. Almost all day I am thinking nonsense things… my brain is really particular…it’s always filled with a lot of stuff, I need to reorder them and give them a twist.

Who’s your favorite pop icon and why?

Don’t have any favorite, this series of icons start because I love Frida, so drawing all the other characters was the next step. Usually these characters are people that interest me for some reason… Dalí is my favorite artist and human being!

  What did you like doodling as a kid?

Things from my head.. weird stuff came up.. my parents really think that was something wrong with me.. and also lot of portraits of my mom… since I was little.

Tell me a bit about your band, you made the cover art too, right?

Yeah, Oh Margot is my band, so it was a really nice project. We are working on our first big record now, so I think I will do something again. I love to make cover for bands, in fact now I am working some covers for really good bands out there.

So music always being a big part for your art?

Music is a big influence, for sure, I can’t imagine drawing without music in the background. I love lot of bands.. don’t make me pick some favorites cause I can’t! Haha!

  If you can add some soundtrack to your art, what song you will choose?

Mmmm… The Animals – House Of The Rising Sun.

What makes you happy?

Friends, family, music, band, concerts, exhibitions, vodka and drawing.

Would you recommend one of your favorite places in your hometown?

Valparaíso, in the coast of Chile, such a beautiful and interesting place!

What’s next?

Starting a new series, nothing like the icons, it’s another concept. I will show a little glimpse of it soon, but I am really happy with this new drawings… fun and kinky!

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