On The Records: Glen Check

Hello guys, would you mind to introduce yourselves and what your role in the band?
Hello, I’m June One Kim, I sing and play the guitar in the band.
Hi, I’m Hyuk Jun Kang and I play the bass.
How do you guys met and what make you want to make music together?
HJ: We met in high school, in an after-class band session and we used to talk about music a lot. After graduation, we just thought that it would be fun to record our own music so we started doing it when we had some free time from college and other things.
JO: Yeah, that’s pretty much it, we never had big plans for our works since making pieces of music was always our hobbies from childhood and thought it would be for the rest of our lives.

Where’s the name “Glen Check” came from?
JO:  At the time we had to come up with a name, I had this textbook at my desk that was read  and studied in my school. I majored fashion design in an art school so all the words contained were fashion related vocabularies. Glen Check was one of them, and we just thought it sounded easy and fresh so we made the decision.
Musically, what kind of music/band influences your works?

 JO: All kinds. It also changes every time.
HJ: We do have our favorites, such as Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson,Prince, Led Zeppelin, Joy Division and many others, but that won’t matter much because it’s everyone’s favorites. Not only us. 

What’s the main theme/idea for your debut LP, Haute Couture

JO: Basically, the record was meant to sound like a collection of immature band tracks, since it was a fresh new beginning for us and had no money for the record. We thought it would be better for a band to have this “flowing” history from immature to mature like boy to man. However, like any young boys in the world, they don’t want to look like an immature kid. So we named it “Haute Couture.”
HJ: We recorded everything in “The Basement,” our small underground studio in Seoul, and did our best to make something listenable.  We probably will record most of the things for our next works in here as always, but at the time, we would know more about the skills and gears.

Talk about “Haute Couture”, the title of the album and most of the songs (“French Virgin Party”, “Vogue Boys And Girls”, “Bataille”, “60s Cardin”, etc) feels so French inspired… Do you guys have your own fascination to French in general?

JO: I spent my younger days in France. It was a small town near the eastern border called St.GenisPouilly. I used to speak French quite well back then, but after getting used to English and my own Korean language, everything got mixed up and now I only have bits of memories of short phrases and words, still good enough to name and title tracks. I just like the way they’re read in French and good to keep my memories. Language doesn’t affect drum sounds or guitar tones, it was just to express my memories and the feelings of my younger days, from the words itself.

What do you think about the indie scene in Korea itself? Like the rest of the world, I think its overshadowed with mainstream pop music, but tell me a bit on your personal opinion.

HJ: We feel the same way. It is overshadowed but what could we do?
JO: We don’t really know about it and don’t really care about it. We only know and care about what we do.

Can you recommend us other great indie band/musician from South Korea?

JO: Don’t know well about others.

Where’s your best gig so far?

JO: There are no best gigs you know. Every gig is like smoking a cigarette after forcing myself away from it from a long time. It feels great every time in every different way and we’re fucking excited every second.
HJ: Yeah, but it depends how the audience interacts with us also. If they’re bored somehow, we’re also bored. A gig is all about the atmosphere for us. No direct communications, but we have our sounds flowing around the crowd, along with their physical moves and shouts all around our nerves.

What’s the next plan? What do you hope for?

JO: We’re releasing a new EP with 5 whole new different tracks. We’ll probably play gigs for a while with a new set until the end of this year and probably fly to another place to make another record.


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