On The Records: George Reid (AlunaGeorge)

AlunaGeorge maybe only got an EP and few remixes since they formed on 2011, but this London duo that consisted of singer Aluna Francis and beatmaker George Reid seems more than prepared for the new height. Being the most blogged artist in UK for 2012 and snatch the runner-up spot on BBC Sounds of 2013 it’s just beginning of something even greater, which is their debut LP that will be released on the next June. Meanwhile, George Reid, one half of the hip pop twopiece and the brain behind those slick genius beats of their music tell one or two things about this project.

Hi George, what are you doing before answering these questions?

We’re in a photo shoot at the moment for NME Magazine – then I’m heading back to the studio afterwards.

 How did you first met Aluna?

Sounds rather tragic but we met over MySpace. I contacted Aluna’s old band offering to do a remix for them. Luckily for me, they liked it we kinda started working together after that moment.

 Prior this project, did you belong to any band too?

I had been in a band for about 4 years which was just coming to an end when I contacted Aluna, I was just doing remixes for friends bands trying to learn how to work with vocals properly.

 Who and what influence your music, respectively?

When I was first getting into production I was listening to a lot of Aphex Twin, Prefuse 73, Chris Clark. That really beat heavy music. Then on the more songwriting side of things producers like Rodney Jerkins and The Neptunes. The idea of creating a whole song around a couple of simple ideas still amazes me when its done well.

 How you do describe your music?

Electronic beats and grooves with songs over the top.

How was your first gig?

Surprisingly good. We’ve come a long way with our live show in terms of set up and such. It’s been a challenge kinda having a finished song which has been made on a computer and then making it work live but I think we’ve hit upon a nice balance between live instrumentation and staying true to the sound of the songs.

It seems you just in the beginning of something even bigger, how do you feel these days with more recognition and attention coming from press and music listener in general?

It’s great. We spent a long time with the music just to ourselves wondering how people would react to it if at all. So its been really nice seeing the positive responses we’ve had so far. So thanks to everybody that’s listened.

 Tell me about the creative process of your You Know You Like It EP? When and where you record it?

Some of it was done in my bedroom and some was done in our new studio. The normal creative process is either Aluna will bring a melodic idea along and we’ll start from there or I’ll have a beat and let Aluna pick out some melodies to go on it then we generally just bounce ideas of each other to make the song.

 What’s next? How about your debut full album?

We’re writing the album at the moment and I think it’s nearly there, just a case of finalizing all the songs and checking they work together  as a complete album.

What do you think about the future?

Exciting, busy and noisey.


photo by Phil Sharp

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