Influences: Mademoiselle Yulia


“Tokyo’s finest IT Girl” would be the perfect title for Mademoiselle Yulia. The 25-year-old Tokyo beauty became an icon on the city’s hippest scene thanks to her golden touch for every single thing she had done. Whether becomes a voclaist/guitarist of punk band when she’s just barely 14, a DJ and the creator of coolest underground party called Neon Spread when she’s on highschool, or a solo singer with debut album Mademoworld, one thing for sure, music always be her ultimate passion. Nevertheless, Yulia also pursue her other passion for fashion and art, with her endeavors as model, fashion designer, and a columnist for NYLON Japan. Inspirative and ultra cool, it will be exciting to know all the influences behind her works, don’t you think?

Hi Yulia, how are you? What are you doing before answering this email?
I was watching some youtube videos that my friend had sent me:
What first sparked your desire for music?   
I started a band when I was 14, and stayed in it until I was 17. I started DJing when I was 17, then started designing things at 19.
Tell me about your activities now whether its music, fashion, or your writing gig for NYLON Japan. 
Currently, I DJ, sing, and design accessories for GIZA. I also have a column at Nylon which has been going on for 6 years now, and I model on occasion as well. As for GIZA, it’s an accessories brand, however now we are collaborating with the clothing brand JOYRICH. Aside from our original accessories, we make T-shirts, sweatsuits, bags, sneaker, etc. I look forward to challenging myself in fields that I feel confident in, that also has a demand in the market.
You’ve always worn a stylish stage outfits, who’s your favorite designer and why? 
I have so many that they won’t fit on this page.
 What was the first gig/concert you ever went to? 
I remember being taken to an Eikichi Yazawa concert by my dad when I was three. The first show I went on my own was during my first year in middle school for Summer Sonic.
How would you describe the feeling you get now when you go onstage? 
My main goal is to allow people have fun and enjoy my music, which makes me nervous when I go on. To think that they are having fun while I play makes it fun for me as well.
Who are your style icons? 
I can’t think of any.
First record you reach for when you need to be cheered up? 
Best nonmusical influences? (movies/books/stuff) 
My mother was a big influence on me as far as film and books. And Gilbert and George’s works. Pierre et Gilles’ photography also influenced me since I used to look at their photographs when I was a child, and was influenced by their colors, clothes, set designs, among other things. As for movies I’ve seen most of the films that Eiko Ishikawa had worked on. I’ve also been influenced by animations, manga, and toys. Sailor Moon, Ninja Turtles, Versailles Nobara, Barbie dolls, etc. from when I was a child.
What artist whom you never got to see perform would you love to have seen? 
 If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? 
As an artist, A$AP ROCKY!! Sailor Moon, VERSACE, Barbie, olly pocket, etc.
What advice do you have for girls who want to get into music? 
When I was in a band, I didn’t think that I would end up becoming a DJ. I also didn’t expect to be DJing this long when I first became one. I also didn’t expect to become a singer. At the time, I studied what I wanted to do and somehow pulled it off. I think the important thing is to try.
 Next project? 
The plan is to release my 2nd album sometime in April. Also, the 2013 S/S collection for JOYRICH x GIZA has just been released. The original GIZA accessories will be up on the website soon.
Please come to Indonesia some day! 
I really want to visit some day!
Mademoiselle Yulia’s Mixtape:
The original song is awesome, but I love the intro to this track.
A$AP Rocky – Goldie
I love A$AP Rocky. I like his music, as well as his fashion side.
GO HARD / Kreayshawn
Recently, I’ve been visiting LA a lot and have felt a certain energy from the women.
 GRIMES / Oblivion
I like her voice. When I saw live footage of her, I was impressed because she could sing there by herself and looked like she was really having fun.
I saw her DJ at a bunch of different parties in LA so I was curious about her. Apparently she has been featured in I-D Magazine.
Riot Rhythm / Sleigh Bells
It sounds like punk but it also has a soothing feel to it.
Snapbacks & Tattoos (Original Mix) / Driicky Graham
I play this a lot recently when I DJ.
WIZ KHALIFA / Black and Yellow (feat. T-Pain)
I like the way Wiz Khalifa dresses, and am also a big fan of Snoop Dogg so I am checking them both out.
Werkin’ Girls (Son Of Kick Rmx) /Angel Haze
I like her rap because it sort of sounds like Grime, and because there aren’t a lot of female rappers that sound like her.
This is my song from my last album, which was used for the JOYRICH x GIZA video for this season.

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