The Style Icon Series by Emma Block


Hi, my name is Emma Block and I'm an illustrator living in London.

I have always wanted to be an artist since I was about 10, 
when I was 17 I realised I could make a living as an illustrator.
I feel so incredibly lucky that most of the time my job involves drawing all day.

I live in London and I find it am incredibly inspiring place to live. 
There are so many wonderful art galleries and museums in the city; 
there is always an exhibition to go see, plus lovely parks and markets.
audrey hepburn style icon hi res

My work is very mixed media, and I think it has a slightly nostalgic quality to it. 
I use cut paper, gouache, coloured pencil and ink.
I am very inspired by vintage films and vintage fashion.
jean seberg hi resWhen I had just had my hair cut short Jean Seberg was a big inspiration for me. 
I loved her look in Breathless, 
so I did a little illustration of her, highlighting all the things I liked about her style.
 People really liked it, so that's how my Style Icon series started.twiggy hi res
There are lots more style icons I’m planning on illustrating when I get the time!
 I would love to illustrate Anna Karina, Mia Farrow, Jane Birkin and so many others!

For me Audrey Hepburn is the ultimate style icon.
 When I can't think of what to wear in the morning I think 'what would Audrey wear?'
 She managed to make really ordinary items
 like a white shirt or a black polo neck look amazing.

My own style is quite inspired by the 60s. 
I wear a lot of button up shirts, cropped trousers, trench coats, dresses and striped t-shirts.
 My style is kind of feminine and classic.

brigitte bardo hi res

I like listen to music a lot when I work.
 At the moment I am listening to a lot Francois Hardy 
(she's on my list of style icons to illustrate)
 and Joni Mitchell, as well as 1930s jazz.

I’m currently producing work for a very exciting exhibition,
 taking place next month, which takes the circus as its inspiration.
  I am enjoying drawing lots of circus ladies on the trapeze and dancing with tigers.

The next thing for me would be to write and illustrate my own children’s book!

edie hi res                                

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