On The Records: Spazzkid


For the  very first Asian Issue of NYLON Indonesia, I decide to make a special feature about upcoming bands/musicians across Asia. As usual, beside some shortlist I already have in mind, I know I need to keep searching on the internet, listen to so many Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and blogs until I discovering new names I haven’t heard before. One of them is Spazzkid, the moniker of Mark Redito, the Philippines-born, L.A. based bedroom musician. At first, judging from his moniker, I though his work gonna sounds like Skrillex’s party banger anthem, but then when I play his single called “40 Winks” which samples the Memoryhouse cover of My Bloody Valentine’s “When You Sleep”, its a pure bliss, dreamy electropop which sounds more like Toro Y Moi than any stadium DJ.

It was love at the first heard, and obviously I immediately stalking his Bandcamp account and shamelessly downloading all 8 songs(its actually free downloadable, so…) on his Desire album. A solid electropop/ambience album, Desire is probably my favorite electronic album of this year, and a perfect reason to feature him on that special feature. Here’s my conversation with the man himself. 

Hi Mark, how are you? Would you mind to introduce yourself?
Hey I’m Mark from Los Angeles and I make electronic music as “spazzkid.”

 Where do you live right now? Where do you called home?
I live in sunny southern California. I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines but I now call Los Angeles my home.

What prompted you to make music?
I grew up in a very musical family. We always had instruments at home. My dad bought me my first drum kit at age 12. I soon played in bands up until college. I got into recording my own music around 2004-2005. I was playing around with earlier versions of FL (Fruity Loops) and Cakewalk. I started out making demos for bands that I played in and before I knew it, making music blew up into a full on obsession. I’ve been making music as “spazzkid” ever since.

Where was the name came from?
I was really into this hardcore band called “SPAZZ” in college. So when I went into chatrooms or used social media back then I adopted the name “spazzkid.” When it was time for me to choose a moniker for my music, I just used the same name. There really wasn’t that much thinking involved. The name has just stuck with me ever since.
What albums/musicians really influences your work?

Oh man, too many to mention. I take influence and inspiration from these artists: Daedalus, Baths, Jimmy Taborello, Postal Service, Flying Lotus, Yasutaka Nakata, Perfume, J Dilla, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and The Beatles. There are so many more… All the music I’ve listened to has shaped my music today.

What’s the story behind Desire album?

I wrote about my process with Desire at length here: http://spazzkid.com/desire2013 but in a nutshell: I had a really bad artist block a year before the album was made. I was also busy doing a bunch of bike rides. When fall 2012 came, I found myself riding less because the weather was getting colder. That forced me to spend more time in my room and on my computer making songs. I started recording Desire from October 2012 to March 2013. These songs were written during a time when I was processing a ton of emotional, spiritual, and physical things in my life.

  How would you describe your own sounds?
Soulful, organic, imperfect.
 Did you ever performing your songs live on stage?

Yes I do. I’ve been busy playing shows around LA and the rest of southern CA lately. It has been a very positive and encouraging experience for me so thus far.

 Do you have dream collaboration?
I’d love to collaborate with fellow LA-based musicians Baths and Deadalus someday.
 What’s the next plan?
To record more music. Do more remixes. Collaborate with many other artists. To travel and share my music around the world!

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