Soundcheck: Tangerine

Miro dan saya tampil dalam sebuah show di Jimi Hendrix Museum (EMP) di Seattle ketika kami berumur 12 dan 14 tahun dan Toby menjadi salah satu penonton kami. Selesai tampil, dia menghampiri kami dan bertanya apakah dia boleh nge-jam bareng kami, and the rest is history,” ungkap Marika Justad (lead vocal & rhythm guitar) tentang awal mula terbentuknya Tangerine, sebuah trio indie rock asal Seattle yang ia bentuk bersama adiknya, Miro Justad (drum & back vox) dan Toby Kuhn (lead guitar & back vox). Dipersatukan dengan kesamaan selera yang meliputi Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, dan The Velvet Underground, ketiganya telah bermusik bareng sejak masa remaja mereka dan tampil di gigs sekitar Seattle namun sempat vakum selama lima tahun sebelum akhirnya muncul kembali dengan nama Tangerine di tahun 2013 dan merilis EP perdana mereka, Pale Summer, pada Maret tahun yang sama. Memadukan genre slacker pop, surfer rock, dan bahkan R&B dengan sentuhan vokal a la 60’s girl group, tahun ini mereka telah merilis EP keenam dan terbaru mereka yang diberi judul Sugar Teeth dengan 4 lagu berinfluens 80’s yang kental. “Kami merekam Sugar Teeth di beberapa tempat di Seattle. Lewat EP ini kami ingin bereksperimen dan menyempurnakan genre berbeda yang selama ini kami mainkan, yaitu melodi R&B dengan sentuhan surf dan garage rock serta 80’s drenched pop. Kami punya firasat jika ini akan menjadi EP terakhir kami sebelum kami fokus membuat album penuh pertama kami, so we were really sort of releasing our creativity on this one,” tandas Marika. Sambil menunggu mereka merampungkan debut LP, ketiganya pun membagikan album-album paling berpengaruh bagi masing-masing.


Dari Kiri: Miro Justad, Toby Kuhn, Marika Justad. Foto oleh: Mark Malijan.



Pat Metheny

Still Life Talking

This specific Pat Metheny album has a very wide open beautiful feeling to it; the drums are light and fast, but not overbearing and the guitar work is stellar. I aspire to be on that level of technicality one day but with that much taste.



Lovers Deluxe 

Growing up Lovers Deluxe was constantly playing around the house so there is no way that it has not inspired me in many ways, both with drumming and even with singing since I have a low voice like Sade. Listen to “Somebody Already Broke My Heart”!


The Pixies

Trompe Le Monde

Trompe Le Monde was one of the last Pixies albums that I discovered and is definitely my favorite. It has more of a surfy vibe than Doolittle and even palm muting that sounds like Blink 182. The Pixies is a band that we sometimes use as a reference point when writing songs since they write good pop songs with interesting song structures.



The Strokes

Is This It

It might be a cliché, but this album truly changed my life! I can still remember finding it in my big sisters room and putting it into my old Sony CD player. The ambivalence of the lyrics, combined with the intensity of the tightly orchestrated instruments- it blew my mind. It was almost uncomfortable, like I had stumbled onto something very foreign and adult.


Paul Simon 


This album combines nostalgia-tinged Americana and jubilant South African harmonies and the result feels oddly natural. Plus, Paul Simon writes such beautiful melodies, something I’m always striving for.



Celebrity Skin

Courtney Love taught me how to write rock songs that are secretly pop songs. From big pop songs like “Malibu” to pensive ballads like “Dying” this album probably influenced my early songwriting more than any other.





Somebody showed me this album about a year after I saw The Pixies live at Seattle’s Bumbershoot festival in 2004 and not knowing who they were at all. Full disclosure, I don’t remember being terribly impressed at the time. This person was blown away that I hadn’t listened to them before and said that Doolittle would change my life- fantastic album; the energy, structuring, tones, and melodies are just crazy good.




This album was sort of my introduction into popular music. I don’t remember how I ended up getting a hold of it but I was about 11 or 12 when I first put it on and it still hasn’t gotten old. It has like incredibly catchy pop songs and then the weirdest indefinable tracks mixed in there too, all of it exuding the same incredibly satisfying vibe.


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


I’m a huge fan of a lot of their music, but Howl is a very special album. It’s completely different from the rest of their stuff and is mostly acoustic. The songs are just written so well and each one carries such strong emotions, such a good album!


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