21 Questions With…. A. Nayaka

Being the hottest rapper in town and getting himself busy with gigs and projects, A. Nayaka kinda surprises me when he releases his latest EP called Colorblindflo right on April Fool’s Day month ago. Collaborating with the usual suspects like Yosugi, Aytsaga, TRIP TRVP, Saesar, Ben Utomo, and NAJ, he describes the 6 tracks EP as a banger album full of heavy traps that could be the perfect anthem for your home party. “But you really have to listen to the last song tho. Where the first 5 songs I go all out crazy, the last song I poured my heart out and basically explained the things I’ve been through in the past couple of months, and eventually finding an escape from that,” says Nayaka about the track called “Escape”. Not stopping to catch a breath, he’s already back to studio for his upcoming full-length album which tentatively called When The Internet Raised Your Kids set to release on Summer. To learn more about this guy, I throw him 21 trivial questions and here are his answers

What’s your favourite breakfast?

A hotel buffet breakfast.

What’s your favourite cartoon when you were a kid?



What’s your favourite video game of all time?

The Amazing Spider-man on PS1.


Do you have a nickname?

Close friends call me “Bill”.

What’s the worst haircut you ever had?

Went skin bald during winter in Europe.

What was the first live act you saw?

My Chemical Romance. 

What was the last movie you watch?

It’s not a movie, but I’ve been hooked on Black Mirror the TV series.


Who’s your favourite person to follow on Instagram?



Who’s the most famous person you ever met?



What’s your favourite beer?

This German beer called “Kolsch”.


What’s your favourite drunken/stoned snack?

Ramen is a snack for me.

What’s your worst habit?

I criticize everything.

What’s your favourite emoji?

The “100” emoji and the upside down smile emoji.


Heavy Metal or EDM?

The heaviest metal possible.

Raisa or Isyana Sarasvati?

Raisa, cause apparently I sat next to her table at the ramen place earlier, but I don’t know her LOL.

Do you have pet?

Yes, she is a dog that’s a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Maltese, her name is Molly.

Do you believe in horoscope?

Yes, in a way, but I’m more into Feng Shui.

What’s the coolest thing you ever heard about you?

When people come to Blue Room Studio (my home studio) and they say “You know how many great people have worked here?”

If you could pick any director to direct movie about your life, who would it be?

Gaspar Noé.


What song you would like to play on your funeral?

Explosions in the Sky – “Your Hand In Mine”.

What are you plans for this remaining year?

I really want to do more shows and hopefully more international shows as well because nothing feels better than travelling, meeting new people, and get paid off your hobby.

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