Style Study: Moo Piyasombatkul


Hello Moo, how are you? Would you mind to tell us about yourself and what are you doing?

Hello! Technically I’m a jewellery designer as I did BA Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins in London.

When did you first know you wanted to design eyewear?

I did an eyewear collection as my graduation project… and that was my starting point of my eyewear series. Although I didn’t plan to sell my collection nor starting as a brand. Mrs. B, a founder of Browns (in London) gave me an amazing opportunity to sell my graduate collection at the shop, which was such an amazing exposure. I can’t thank Browns enough.

Can you tell us about your training?

During my 3 years at Central Saint Martins, I was trained as a maker, a designer, and a thinker. All of my tutors, technicians and classmates gave me the best 3 years of my life. It was a turning point for me. I had time and supports from these people, guiding me to look, analyse and evaluate. I open up more to possibilities. A piece of jewellery doesn’t have to be made from precious metal or be worn as earring nor necklaces. Jewellery can be anything that relates to body. It’s a body adornment. It can be made from any kind of materials, as long as it helps translating the concept of the work. So this is gives me no limit to what I can do.

Day Dream

Where did you grow up and how does it influence your work in any way?

I grew up in 2 cultures; Thai and British. My parents sent me studying in UK since I was 12, but I come back home (Bangkok) every holiday. Traveling has been a big part since, and it became my influence because I got to travel to other cities in Asia, Europe and America. I got to see varieties of diversity, people and cultures. Then I began to know what I like and I then tend to go back to those places or doing more research on them. Traveling always involves hotels and restaurants (I love eating 🙂 ), so I got lots of inspirations from interiors, furnitures and the atmosphere. This is my initial  theme for most of my works.

Your eyewear already worn by Lady Gaga and Fan Bing Bing, how do you feel about it and personally, who do you design for?

It’s beyond amazing because they are both well dressed ladies whose styles I love. They picked my work themselves, which I even felt more special and it really motivates me to keep producing greater designs.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

My work and the way I dress are similar; proportionally balanced. I don’t overload things on myself or on my work.


If you can collaborate with any person in the world, who will you choose and why?

Karl Lagerfeld for CHANEL or Alber Elbaz for LANVIN. I love these labels and their clothes are very well cut. It’s a classic with a twist, similar to the way I work. I’m a big fan.

Tell us a little bit about your latest collection, what’s the main inspiration for it?

I tend to work in series. Developing from one to another because interiors and food are still my main influences. So let’s wait and see what’s next!

What is your personal favorite from the collection and why?

I tend to wear a lot of “desire” and ‘bubbly blue” styles from both of my collection because they go pretty well with most of my outfits. However Baroque Eyes collection is my most proudly present because it’s my first collection and it’s what made people recognise my brand. So it has become a classic collection which I’m still selling.


Do you think that you will always make eyewear? 

We’ll see…

For now, your eyewear is sold exclusively in Browns, OC, and HP France, got plans to sold it elsewhere?

I started selling in Hong Kong, Middle East and Romania and other main cities, but of course I want to sell my brand globally. Let’s see where next!

What do you hope for the future? 

Doing my best today and hopefully greater things to offer. More MOO ^oo^

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