On The Records: Trampauline, Seoul’s Shimmering Synthpop.

Trampauline is synth pop project of Cha Hyosun from Seoul, South Korea. Alongside the catchy name, it is the ethereal mix of twinkling synth and hushed vocal that capture your attention from the early notes and set her apart from any other musical acts in Korea. Definitely not a K-pop.

      Hello Hyosun, how are you? What are you doing before answering this email?

I am doing great. Just got back from Japan tour and still in the house-cleaning process… I was cleaning my desk.

So how was the Japan tour?

 It was great and there was a sort of warm-welcoming air+energy that I felt from audience and Japanese musicians. Great tour really.

      When the first time you realize you want to be a musician, and specifically making music like you make as Trampauline now?

I saw Korean punk bands playing at a place called ‘Drug’ long time ago, thought I wanted to be one of them, I turned out to be a electro pop musician though, I was not a very good screamer after all :). Trampauline was a slow process. I just wanted to make my own music and slowly the music began to take shape.

      Trampauline is such a catchy name, where the name came from?

I actually liked playing on trampolines when I was young, I liked the image of the movement (jumping on it) the word has. And I liked the sound of the word when it’s pronounced. It’s pretty+ ethereal, isn’t it?

      It is! What band/musician influences your music? 

Don’t know.. lots.. but just to be specific, I’ve always liked T-bone Walker and Bo Diddley than Stevie Ray Vaughan and Roy Buchanan (even though I really liked some of their songs). I’ve been more enthusiastic fan for guitarists who are more of rhythm-maker than solo-maker. Although I don’t make guitar-based music, I’ve had certain tastes and influences even on guitars and that influence on my music I guess. Wait… I am listening to Roy Cuchanan’s “Sweet Dreams” and it’s just a beautiful song… haha. Do I make you get confused?

      How’s the creative process for your song, is it the music first or the lyric?

It’s different everytime. Sometimes I start with a single melody or phrase, sometimes beats come first and then I add a lyric or melody on it, sometimes I start with guitar chords and song melody.

      Did you intentionally make an English based lyric for the songs? 

Yeah, it is. It works well with other elements that I make, that’s why.

      Your songs sounds so different, not only among Korean bands, but also even the rest of the bands out there… what things you try to express from your songs? How you describe your sounds?

There are feelings that I eventually deliver through music whether I intend it or not. I guess it’s sort of chill you get from not trying to be too…dramatic or passionate. I believe there are certain kind of feeling and chill in between that music can deliver. Oceanic feeling. Short breath. Certain bright craziness.

      When the best time/condition to hear your songs?

Whenever it suits you.

      From some of your videos I watch on YouTube, you’re playing from underpass to roadside, where’s your best gig so far and why?

Can’t pick one. I have done lots of good shows.

Korean Wave already became a global phenomenon, but to be honest we eager to know the other peculiar choice of Korean bands, do you think the indie bands will get some recognition from wider audience too?

As long as there are people out there wanting to find more about non-mega star but good musicians, we have many to be found out. Keep an eye on us.

      Where’s the best spot to catch a great music while we’re on Seoul? 

Lowrise at Mullae dong, Kkonttang at Etaewon are places you should try when you want to find out indie-fresh new acts. there are lots of gig places at Hongdae where many gigs are hosted.

      What are you doing beside music?

 Living an ordinary life… does that explain?

      What’s next project for you? 

I am participating as a film music director at LIG art hall program. Also working on a new single for a Pastel Music’s 10 year anniversary album.

Thanks for this interview, I love your music so much! x

Thank you and best wishes!



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